understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We wish all might feel this so clearly, so freely. Now, during the remainder of the time that I am speaking to you, because We always endeavor to render at least one Service during a given period, will you not feel with Me everything within your being that has bound or limited you, let go!

I say:  “All human creation that has limited or bound these Children of Light, LET GO! All human creation that has limited or bound these Children of Light, LET GO NOW! and be replaced by the full Power of Perfection of their ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ – in full Power and Action!”

We accept this in the full Power of Its Activity for every blessed one, and qualify It to be eternally sustained in this Mighty Activity. Please, in your mental feeling and world, accept that this human creation is fully silenced.

From each Great Focus of Light in the atmosphere of Earth there are being released Mighty Currents of Energy to help mankind set themselves free.

One comes from that Mighty Ancient Focus in South America, the Great Province of Peru, which once knew such Great Light in its outward expression. The Great Light, oh, Beloved Ones, is still there and ere long will stream forth in three Great Rivers of Light.

The World, in spite of its appearance, is being bathed in the Glory of God, the “Mighty I AM Presence”; and ere long, hundreds of thousands will know their “Mighty I AM Presence”.”


God Meru

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