understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You know, sometimes you are not always obedient. Sometimes We are not – in this way:   Saint Germain has asked that We refrain from commending Him. Chananda said last night to Saint Germain, “I am sorry to disappoint you, but I have got to do it.”

So you see, We too are sometimes disobedient; but We too call on the Law of Forgiveness and try to do better the next time! So will you not feel with Us such great Joy and Happiness?

Could you conceive of anything that would give Us such Great Happiness as to see the Expansion of your Light and the Freedom that awaits you so near at hand? Oh, it is no longer a long drawn-out activity. Just forget that part of it! It is not long anymore.

Just rejoice – oh, with so great a rejoicing – in every day calling the Power of your “Mighty Presence” into action to cleanse, to purify your mind, body, world, and your homes!

Oh, those homes! Oh, what a feeling! – what a feeling is in the word “home”! Every home in the World in outer manifestation should be a Sacred Altar of God in Action. What a World – what a Heaven on Earth that would be! Oh, for that day!

Do not feel Me critical when I say this, but, oh, for that day when once again mankind – notice this expression – is unpiled from on top of each other. Then they will not worry whether their “Mighty I AM Presence” is in someone else’s apartment!

However, I would advise all not to worry about that, even in the present state. Let the “Presence’ take care of it. You may be sure the “Mighty I AM Presence” is quite able to take care of Itself.”


God Meru

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