understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, Beloved Ones, the Glory that fills this room tonight ought almost to lift all now into their Ascension by Its Great Love, Its Great Light, Its Great Substance, It Great Power.

Precious Ones, will you feel that everything We try to do and to which We call your attention, is for obedience, help, and assistance, and is always done with the kindest Love in the world. It is because We love you so much that We offer correction through which you may be free.

I want you to just realize, oh, Precious Ones, this Beloved Messenger has been willing to write by the hour [autographing books] to convey My Radiance to you for your Assistance. Tonight he wrote for two hours without cessation.

Again I marvel at what these Beloved Ones are able to do – how they are able to govern the flesh to do these things – all for their love of you! Oh, how deep their gratitude is for your love to them.

We see all that. We do not just only feel It, We see Its action in and for them. It is beautiful, It is wonderful, It is magnificent, oh, Precious Ones.

Tonight let us feel the Glory of God, the “Mighty I AM Presence”, in full action within each one of you – glorifying, purifying, dissolving, and cleansing all past accumulation of whatever discord there has been.

Great Infinite “I AM Presence”! at the Call of these loved ones, by the use of your Violet Consuming Flame, consume all discord now and set these loved ones free. “Mighty I AM Presence” of these blessed ones who are gathered here! Seize all discordantly qualified energy of these beloved ones, of the past and present! Dissolve and consume it in Thy Violet Consuming Flame! Set these loved ones free now!

When they go forth at the close of this Class, send them forth free -wholly free – from every discordant activity in the World. Clothe them with Thy Great Feeling of Courage, Strength, Happiness, and Energy. See that they never lack for any of it.

Then with Thy Great Commanding, Directing Intelligence, sweep them forward into the Victory and Glory of God, the Mighty “Light of God that never fails.”

This is Our Love and Wish for you for the New Year.”


Saint Germain

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