understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Today, when the Beloved Master Jesus spoke to you, what do you think was going on? The Call had been made by all of you here, that His Ascended Master Consciousness of the Ascension be anchored within your feeling world – and it was this afternoon!

Do you not see how, Precious Ones, your Calls are constantly being answered?

In the fullness of this Great Light, the Infinite “Mighty I AM Presence”, We call It forth to clothe you in Its Invincible Protection, in Its All-powerful Self-control, in Its All-powerful Joy and Happiness to enfold you this hour – that you may carry it throughout the new Year unto your Victory and even the Ascension.

May I remind you again that when you call forth your “Presence”, anything – even the Ascension – is possible for you to attain.

Who shall say in the outer world what is the Power of your “Presence” to act in a given moment, when your human has receded enough? This is the Truth which is before you.

You have made earnest Calls for many months. Do you think that can go on without having gained a powerful momentum?

Then today who shall say – I repeat it again – what your “Presence”can do for you on a moment’s notice?  In a moment when great Joy, Serenity, and Harmony fill your being, who shall say what your “Mighty I AM Presence” will do for you?

Do not limit It, I plead with you. Feel always:  any moment, your “Mighty I AM Presence” may sweep into action and perform the most Wonderful Service for you. This is true. It can do it!

I cannot say to you when It shall; but I do say to you with all Power, all Truth, that your “Presence” is not limited in any sense when your earnest, sincere Call has gone forth, if you will keep your feelings harmonized and keep using the Violet Consuming Flame so all past accumulations are kept dissolved within your Tube of Light.

saint germain God presence chart

Behold that Chart! See that Tube of Light which is really about everyone of you. If you keep discord dissolved within that Tube of Light, by the use of the Violet Consuming Flame to annihilate all past discord and creations, then who shall say what moment your “Presence” will sweep into action – as It did with this Good Brother – and render a Service Transcendent beyond description?


I want you to feel this, to know it is every bit true and that it is possible for everyone of you! There is no limitation to the Action of your “Presence”.”


Saint Germain

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