understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Eternal Light, Eternal Love, Eternal Mastery! Enter into the feeling world now of every one of these loved ones. God, the “Mighty I AM Presence”, through their feeling give them full Mastery and Dominion. Send them forth Thy Mighty Blazing Suns of Light, to pour forth such a Radiance everywhere they move that people are healed, blessed, prospered, and enlightened everywhere their Radiance goes.

O “Mighty I AM Presence” and Great Host of Ascended Masters, glorify the “I AM” Students everywhere they move with such great Love, Peace, Harmony, and Kindliness that people will turn to look at them in wonder. Such is the privilege of the “I AM” Students throughout the World.

“Mighty I AM Presence”, guard these Children of Light and give Us the opportunity to give all Assistance that We love to give – to bless, to prosper and set them free. Glorify them now!

The Blessings of the combined Ascended Host be upon our two Beloved Ones [Don and Marjory]. May your path be one of happiness and the “Light of God” victorious everywhere.

I extend to you all and the Students everywhere throughout the United States and the World, the combined Love and Assistance of the Great Host of Ascended Masters, the Legion of Light, and the Angels of Blue Lightning, to act with full Power throughout this year for your happiness, comfort, prosperity, and blessing.

Try to accept this in the fullness of your feeling, and let the Mighty Law operate in your world.

In the fullness of My Heart, I love you, I love you, I love you, unto your Ascension; and may that Love lift you quickly into your Freedom and Ascension.”


Saint Germain

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