understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, your “Mighty I AM Presence” is your Infinite health, your Infinite strength, your Infinite peace, happiness, and courage, just waiting for you to be harmonious enough so Its Great, Its Mighty Energy can pour forth unqualified by any discordant feeling.

Do not expect the Energy for the Great “Presence” to give you relief if you refuse to harmonize yourself enough to stop qualifying that wonderful Energy as you call it forth.

Do you not see, Precious Ones, how simple it is and yet so majestic in its action? Many, many call forth this Mighty Energy with great earnestness and in an unguarded moment requalify it, then wonder why they are distressed.

Oh, Precious Ones, will you for your own sake, every time something discordant occurs, stop! still yourselves! and say:
“Now what did I do which caused that? ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, take it out of me! Annihilate the cause and effect of whatever did it! If it is some past accumulation, ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, keep me reminded to call You into action to use the Violet Consuming Flame to consume everything of the past, so something destructive cannot rush forth into outer activity.”  It is because you do not do this, that you get into difficulty.

I want to call your attention to another activity also:  Dear Ones, sometimes part of a family accepts this Great and Wonderful Knowledge and some of them do not. Sometimes their criticism and disturbance brings them into disaster.

Oh, it seems so strange that all will not see the Great Law which is acting all the time within you, Dear Hearts. Do you not see that you become the Great Law of your world through your visualization, your feeling, and your qualification?

This Mighty Stream of Energy from your “Presence” is constantly flowing through you, filled with Love, Kindness, and Perfection; and you still keep requalifying It with discordant feelings – compelling It to take on the wrong qualities.

Then that discord spreads into your world. It cannot help it! It is not the fault of your “Presence”, but your uncontrolled human keeps doing that and keeps you in distress.”


Saint Germain

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