understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Tonight while I am talking to you in this Heart-to-Heart manner, a Great Work is going on. We try to help by strengthening you all with that which you require to become master of your feeling, to enable you to govern it, to cause it to come into harmonious obedience to the Great “Presence”.

Its Great Stream of Energy is intensifying each day, pouring forth through you, trying to bless and carry Perfection into your world.

Oh, My Loved Ones, try now to feel this so earnestly, so vividly active within you that never again will anyone be tempted to feel unkind or give expression to discord. You could be so quickly free if you would only do this.

We cannot compel you, Precious Ones, but We plead and plead with such earnestness for you to understand so you do call the “Presence” into action to govern it.

Oh, We love you so greatly. We know what your struggles are, even better than you do, because We have gone through all of them. In my early experience you might be interested to know, Precious Ones, that sometimes things were so terrifying, My hair fairly stood on end, in the experiences I had to go through to gain the Victory.

Today you have the Infinite Assistance of the Cosmic Law and the Great Ascended Ones, which We did not have in Our day of Victory. I call this to your attention for your strength and courage, that you may rise in the Strength of your “Mighty I AM Presence” and win your Victory quickly.

It is so easy now, and the Love is so great which is being poured out to you from everywhere – not only the Great Love of the Messengers, but from the Students everywhere as these Classes are held all over the United States. Their great Love is pouring out to you from their “Mighty I AM Presence” like a mighty river, and the numerous telegrams are poof of it. Individuals would not go to the expense of sending telegrams if they were not sincere in their feelings.

So, Dear Ones, please awaken! Realize that such is the opportunity before you, for your great Freedom, Glory, Attainment, Victory, and Ascension.”


Saint Germain

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