understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now then, We shall pass this matter by, and in behalf of Jesus, Beloved Nada, and the Beloved Divine Director, I extend Their and My Gratitude, Thanks, and Congratulations to the beloved Students, to the many who were able to reach the Royal Teton last night.

Ten thousand two hundred and twenty-seven were there last evening. It was a wonderful thing, and a Service was rendered heretofore unknown in the history of the Earth.

This Service will continue for the first seven days of the New Year from all the Retreats; the one north of Suva; the one in Arabia; Chananda’s Home – the Cave of Light in India; the Cave of Symbols; the Royal Teton, and the various Temples of Light.

As the Beloved Messenger Mrs. Ballard has said, the Earth is being drenched by these Great Rays of Light and Energy. Every Effort is being made to give Protection, Blessing, and Freedom to the Earth.

Why? My Precious Ones, because of your great love poured forth and that of the Students throughout the United States.

This Call has enabled things to be done which were impossible without it. Make no mistake about it – your eastern coast and your California coast would have disappeared if this had not been done.

Now let the arrogance of the human mind deny that, if it will!

Dear Ones, how willing the human is to have opinions; but remember those never change the Law of Life.

I will later give the Messengers the full detail of the marvelous Activity at the Royal Teton last night, so all may have it.

Within you, oh, Beloved Ones, has been a transcendent activity during the past year – one which should be infinitely encouraging to all of you, and I am sure it is.

Oh, the great volume of your love that has poured forth! How we rejoiced and endeavored in Our humble way to convey back to you Our Love, Strength, and Courage.”


Saint Germain

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