understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I tell you, Dear Hearts, with such a Transcendent Privilege before you, how can anyone allow the claw of the sinister force to seize upon him and make him attempt to do unkind and mistaken things? Now, Beloved Ones, stand guard over yourselves and your worlds, with all the Power of your “Mighty I AM Presence”.

I tell you, when Students or other individuals become so unenlightened that they can criticize our Beloved Messengers, they are making a great mistake.

I tell you, Beloved Ones, Law is Law, and We know the Law in spite of any human opinion to the contrary!

If you will not believe the Law after all the Infinite Proof which stands before you, then We cannot help you; but remember there is no human being so important in this World that there are not plenty ready to take his place.

You must understand that I am speaking with all the Love of My Being in sending forth these Words, but I am firm and determined.

Our Beloved Messengers, the beloved Sindelars, and the beloved Rogers have battled down walls of human creation. They are not going to have to do it any longer. If there are any battles on, We will take a hand.

Now, Dear Ones, this is in all kindness; do not go out and accuse Me of being a fighting Ascended Master, but I mean business!

These Beloved Messengers, without a word of complaining, have battled down human walls that have been set up against them. They have won Their Eternal Victory. I bless them forever for the strength and courage which I said was in them in the beginning, and it has been proved true.”


Saint Germain

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