understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, there are a few announcements I wish to make before I begin My talk to you. It seems pitiful that We should again have to mention this:  one Whom We have trusted is being tempted to go forth saying he is receiving the Light and Sound Ray from Jesus, when he is not. Unless this thing ceases among the Students, it will be Our unhappy duty to report him by name. Now let this cease forever. When such a thing comes forth, it will be unmistakable and We will know it.

As long as these Beloved Messengers go forth in this Work, We shall not project any Tangible, Visible Tube of Light to anyone – and all the Ascended Masters are One. This Work must be kept clean and pure, and We shall see that It is.

During this Class, I have not had an opportunity to announce My Request to the Messengers, but they will have a month free for broadcasting, if they so wish. Then there will be a Class is in San Francisco and in Dallas, Texas. The announcement of the dates will be made as soon as the Messengers have time to make the arrangements.

I want you Precious Children of the Light, if you will, to realize that We are Real, Tangible Beings. We know everything that is going on in your mind, motive, and intent; and We are standing guard over this Work, make no mistake about it!

You might deceive the Messengers, but you will never deceive Us, not one.”


Saint Germain

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