understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Therefore, Dear Hearts, I speak in this manner to you in the beginning of this New Year, that you may have the full power and conviction of My Words active within you, which stand guard with you and for you and your Eternal Protection.

Those who will not control themselves and shut out the human discord, criticism, condemnation, jealousy, or whatever the activity may be, cannot have Our Help, I tell you. We have pled and pled and pled with the Students all over America and said that self-control was the important thing to be maintained for their Freedom.

Dear Beloved, Precious Ones, if you will not listen to Us who know the Law – having gone the way, every step of it you have to go, and in far more severe conditions than you have today – then We cannot help you.

This Work will go on – do not worry about that! But if you will allow Us, We want to protect you, We want to help you; but We cannot help you if you are going to continue in this kind of thing.

When the Beloved Messengers leave the cities in some places and I see disturbance comes in, how can the beloved Students permit it? One human being wants to govern another and set up laws – when the Laws are in the Books!

The Group Outline, the Divine Director has sanctioned and asked to be used. Some unhappy individuals have accused Mr. Rogers of having brought out that Group Leaders’ regulation.

Every word of it is from the Books or Magazines. He simply brought it together, and it was blessed and sanctioned by the Divine Director.”


Saint Germain

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