understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Will you for a few moments allow me to enter your Garden, as I have invited you to enter Mine?

Let Me assist in the arrangement of your Garden, to put everything into order so when you bring back the conscious memory of your first conscious visit there, you will bring back the Victory of Light, Its Rejoicing, Its great calm Peace, Its great and full Feeling of Mastery over all outer conditions.

That is all for you, My Friends of Light! It is for everyone who will hold his attention to the Presence of Light and Life; of Victory, Wisdom, and Power.

Your short labor, your short service is in just pouring out loving kindliness to everything, most of all to your associates – whether it be person, place, conditions, or things. Still, all Life responds to the outpouring of Divine Love and becomes the Victory of Light!

Let us gather about us our Friends of the Light. Let us consider for a moment what that means. It does not mean just individual alone. You have some friends of your own creation. You have some things of your own creation which are not your friends.


Therefore they are not of the Light. They are of the shadows, and the shadows have held their dominion quite a long time.

Our Friends of the Light are saying to the shadows: “You may no longer have energy to sustain you! You are built upon the sands of human doubts and fears – the quicksand of human creation. Therefore, your foundation is of no avail! Therefore, sink, you shadows, into oblivion! Wither and disappear!”


Mighty Victory

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