understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Come, My Friends of the Light! Take your Dominion in My Household, My Palace of Light! There shall we dwell forever in the Victory of the Light! The Harmonies of Life shall find their expression in the great Melodies of Life! They are Transcendent in Power of Achievement. Then, I will find and you will find the Dominion of your being, in the Power of the Light Rays.

As you look about and see what Service is to be rendered, you will say: “My Friend of Light, go forth to this objective! Go forth to that person! Go forth to that condition! Hold them in Thy Wondrous Radiance until that person, place, or condition becomes the Radiance which Thou art!”

Then will all become peace and rest and happiness. Then will the fullness of Life know Its own, reach forth and draw It into action. It will dwell with Its Friends in Its Palace of Light! Then will the Table be laden with the Service of Crystal Light – glittering in Its Majestic Purity and Perfection.

Then, as the Essence of Life fills the Crystal Cup, will you hand forth that Crystal Cup to your Friends of Light following on and say to them, “Drink of Life in Its Purity and be Free!”

Such is the Beauty and Perfection of your Friends of Light.”


Mighty Victory

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