understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Friends of the Light! Oh, what a wondrous word “friendship” is. It is the great impersonal activity of Life, which by the Inner Law of Its own attraction creates what We know as True Friendship.

Tonight, come with Me in to the Garden of My Heart! Observe with Me the Beauties which are there – the release from all human qualities, and the fulfillment of your great desires. In those desires, every Heart is coming to know that its Call has been to the Light.

May that Call be satisfied tonight. May the fullness of Thy Infinite Power, O Light within each human form, find Its response; and in the Garden of My Heart, gather the Flowers which will bloom forever in the gardens of their own Hearts.

May they stand glorified in the outpicturing of all the great Law of Life holds for mankind. It has waited so long. It has waited until the attention of mankind would give It the opportunity to flood forth, and show to the individual whether his garden had been well tended or not – whether it had been cared for properly.

Today, many Gardens of Life are being set into Divine Order; and the beauty which is gathering there is exquisite to behold, after many centuries of neglect. Tonight allow Me to help you in designing, or calling forth the reappearance of the design of your Garden of Life. It waited so long to again take form.

In the center of that Garden of Life is your Home, the Home of Light – exquisitely beautiful; filled with all the treasures that your kind deeds have done, have brought forth and given Life.

Ere long only the Perfection, the Blessings which you have given forth, will remain in your Garden.

In the cleansing and purifying of your feeling world comes Beauty again to your Garden of Life. Oh, how all long to look upon the Beauty and Perfection of their own creation.

My Friends of the Light, today you have the Key to unlock your Garden gate. Enter in! and see – all unknown to you in this world of human limitations and turmoil – your Garden of Light.

In your Home of Light is the Perfecting Activity going on, preparing for the day when you are able to say to all human creation – oh, with a great, victorious smile: “No longer have you power to remain in my world. Be thou gone forever!”

Then in the fullness of the Consciousness of your Victory, will all that has taken unpleasant form in your Garden disappear and wither away – dissolving, to appear no more. Such is the condition for which the Great Divine Director has enabled you to be prepared this day.”


Mighty Victory

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