understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That was Real, Dear People! That was Real! The most Real thing that ever was manifest on Earth, and I want you to feel it tonight with Me! Do you wonder, then, how I feel about this Work?

Oh, never with unkindness, but with a firm, mighty Determination – now that I can wield these Powers of Light – I shall never let human viciousness or gossip touch or harm him or this Work! If there were no other way, then I would dissolve those physical bodies before they shall harm him!

When he with love, gentleness, and kindness is spreading, or trying to spread to mankind the greatest Truth ever given the Earth, or that can ever come – to think that there are those in human forms who could be so depraved as to blame him or make false pretenses or accusations against him, just because they were not willing to give obedience.

Oh, Blessed Ones, I rejoice with every one of you who have been strong enough to stand in this great Light and call to yourself your own. The Light is your own, and all this Perfection which stands before you is yours! It was only waiting for the day when you would give It recognition and acceptance.

Make the Call in your Application with sufficient determination in your feelings to release this Infinite Power; to give you your Perfect Bodies; to give you Courage and Strength; then in Its great continuous Release, set you Free from every limitation.

Beloved Ones, I am sure you feel this with Me tonight as you never have in your life, because this is only released once! You will never receive again this exact Radiation which is here tonight! So, you are fortunate indeed who are here.”


David Lloyd

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