understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, when I saw that Cup in his hand! Can you feel with Me for a moment what surged through My Body when I saw that Cup and I knew My search was ended?

All the Power of My Being rushed forth! I saw the Light beginning to descend and enfold this body you see before you. Each moment I became more dazzling and blazing, as It came down just below the Heart – between the heart and solar plexus.

Oh, I will never forget every moment, everything that took place! The Light in those arms and about his head and shoulders were so dazzling, that at first it was blinding to Me. As It gained the fullness of Its Power and those arms went out, My arms went out involuntarily and his hands took Mine. My feet left the Earth; and as I continued to Ascend as far as he could reach, his hands let go! and I found Myself still moving on, until My feet were some distance above his head.

Then as I stood there looking back at him, can you ever know My Feeling? I had forgotten everything that was taking place with Me, but just My Eternal Gratitude to him. As he stood there looking at Me, the Light still holding about him, for a moment My attention came back to Myself. I looked at Myself, and My Garments were magnificent, wonderful to behold! I cannot tell you just what did it, but it was as though a mirror stood before Me and I saw Myself as I really was!

Then came the feeling of the great Tremendous Pull, as that great Ray of Dazzling White Light descended from My own “Presence”! It enveloped Me and I disappeared within It!”


David Lloyd

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