understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Then, after a few hours I went forth. I do not find any better word than “assimilation” to give you the idea of that which followed My disappearance from the human octave. There were about forty-two hours of assimilation, until I began to feel the full Power of My Being.

I wanted to go hither and thither and find out a lot of things; but the great Wisdom of Those about Me said: “There is no hurry. You now have all Eternity before You.”

As our blessed Frank has learned to say, “Just take it easy.”  So, I took it easy; and within a few hours I realized how great that Wisdom had been. I cannot go into the explanation tonight; someday perhaps I shall.

Then the day came when They said, “Now, do as You like”;  and you would be surprised if I were to tell you just where I went. To find Myself suddenly free from all limitations, to go where I pleased and in whatever – now notice this – whatever vibratory action I chose!

Can you believe it – I still wanted to find out what was above the Octave where I was! So, I began going up, and up, and up. I do not know how far I went; but in each Octave I found everything within that Vibratory action just as tangible in its higher Rate of Vibration as the one below it.

That was the thing which troubled Me all My life, and I had to find out. My delight knew no bounds.

Once My father, when I was a lad about fourteen, touched upon this. It was very seldom he ever struck that particular mood; but this day, we had just finished dinner and he started to talk – to My utter amazement, because he was a very quiet man. He seemed to be directing most of his attention to Me.

Today, I know he was being prompted by one of the Great Masters at the time. I am sure he did not know it, but I now know that was what was actually taking place.

So he said, “Son, do you ever think about what is beyond this Octave of Life?” I wanted to say to him: “Did you ever?” but I did not dare do it. He went on and said: “Somehow I know there are many Octaves above this physical one; and somehow, I know that each Octave has Its own Vibratory Action of substance.”

Well, my astonishment knew no bounds and I said, “Father, do you actually think that?” He replied: “Not only do I think it, but I know it! I cannot tell you how I know it or why, but I know that.”

He went on for some time and all of a sudden he stopped; and try as we might, we could never draw him back into that discussion again. I can never tell you how I wanted to get him to talk about it again.

Again I say to you, the Light within My own Heart, although I did not know a thing about it at that time, knew and accepted the words he spoke as the Truth.

Today, I am sure as I am talking to you this minute, it was the preparation. He was inspired to call My attention to it for that which followed afterwards. There is no question about it.”


David Lloyd

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