understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Several have spread the report that these Dictations are not real and that it is the Messenger doing it.

Dear Ones, will you show Me any human being in the world who can do it? This Blessed Brother never gives one moment’s thought – in fact he never even knows Who is going to dictate.

We do that on purpose, so his mind does not begin to think of it or wonder what They are going to say. He never has for a single moment. Show Me anybody in the human octave unascended who can stand before the public and voice such magnificent Truths.

There have been hundreds of Dictations given – no two alike! Show Me anybody else who can do it, and then see whether these Dictations are real or not!

Beloved Ones, this Truth stands before mankind! All humanity would see It if they were left alone in their own observation.

We rejoice so much that the great Light is the Dominion of mankind; and it only requires a little more patience upon the part of the earnest ones, to see all this viciousness fade out and disappear as though it had never been.

Beloved Ones, those who do not want to stand by the Light will one day see their mistakes. I give you great credit. It takes a great deal of courage to stand for the Light, against all of the conditions which mankind meets; but it is worth a thousand times the effort and strength it requires to stand by this Light.

It is the most wondrous thing in all the Universe. It is your Life, your Great Presence of Life and of Perfection – All-Wise, All-Perfect.

It just requires your attention and your earnest, sincere Call, for that Perfection to reach down; take you within Its Arms; lift you into the Higher Mental Body, and then into that Great Presence of all Life, your Electronic Body, where you carry with you the Authority, the Power of having dissolved and consumed all human creations.

Then you Ascend into Perfection of your own Precious Selves of Light.”


David Lloyd

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