understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, you are not these bodies, Dear Ones!  These are just garments which you are wearing; they are not the Real You. If they were, they would be Perfect – filled with Health, Power, Strength, and Perfection.

Just think!  Did you ever in your life, Beloved Ones, know of anything in your outer activity which requires so little effort?

As you acknowledge your “Presence” above you as Real, in your feelings – knowing that you a part of Its great Perfection; Its great Light, Energy, and Intelligence anchored within your physical Heart – then you know all you have to do is to accept It.

saint germain God presence chart

Give It your attention, make your earnest Call, and have Its great Perfection release in, through, and around you; fill your mind, body, and feeling world with the Perfection which It is.

Then, as Its great Purified Activity reaches a certain point, It just picks you up and lifts the purified physical body into the Higher Mental Body.

Then It raises you into the Great Presence where you become the Ascended Being, carrying with you the Victory over the human element of Life.

That gives you Eternal Authority over all energy and substance in the Universe, which the Ascended Master is.”


David Lloyd

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