understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mankind comprehends so little of all the great, the mighty Inner Activities which are going on. I am glad to mention some of these things, that you may fully understand how tremendous this Work is.

See how unfortunate it was that any human beings – because they could not go on mixing this Work up with other things, and because the Messengers were firm – either withdrew or compelled their own dismissal. Then such individuals went out and spread falsehoods about this magnificent Work.

Do you not see what an unfortunate thing it is for them to allow themselves to be seized upon and used that way? Yet, they just have to have the experience. Maybe someday they will see their mistakes; but in the meantime, they temporarily disturb some earnest people who would be Free in no time.

That is the only reason they are ever given a moment’s consideration – because there are a few individuals who are earnest Students, and temporarily they become disturbed by those false expressions which are given forth.

That is why in this Class We take up this condition Ourselves, so the people may understand how unfortunate it is to listen to those foolish things.

I say to you tonight, if the Blessed Messengers had ever made any mistakes they would be the first to acknowledge it to the world; and do not ever forget that. They would be the first ones to correct them.

The world will one day come to know it; for when those Blessed Messengers enter into the Radiation of the Class Work, there are no mistakes made.

Everything is under the Direction of the Ascended Masters, and Their Radiation governs it. If they are dynamic and positive, it is because it is necessary; it is not their own ideas about it.”


David Lloyd

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