understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In your Application for the supply of money, you have been receiving it out here as coined money or paper money; but all the time within the Treasure-house of your “Presence” this activity was going on.

Now notice!

Just the same as the Light Pattern holds your human form together, just so within the Treasure-house of your “Presence” was the activity going on which brought about conditions out here in the world of the human octave, by which you received the coin money or paper money to supply and fulfill your Call.

Everything that comes into your hands out here comes in physical manner naturally, but the supply comes from the Treasure-house of your “Presence”. It cannot come from any place else, but you have not quite seen that.

You say that it does not look as tangible as the cash here in your hand; but I tell you, when once you have grasped this idea and set it into action, you will never know again what it is to be out of the supply of money which you need – right in your hands in “spot cash”.

You see, I am getting quite American in My Expression. I was an Englishman, but I love America; and I want to tell you I am learning to love It more every day, because I see within the Hearts of the American people an energy, a loyalty, a call for Freedom that only a few of our blessed people in England have today.

That is why I say to the American people, you are the most fortunate of beings. I mean that! Oh, I love our blessed people! I love all people! But I can see where their mistakes have been – My own included.

Therefore, you are dealing with a definite, mighty Law.”


David Lloyd

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