understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You know how you take things for granted? I did too, but I have done a lot of thinking since My Ascension – a lot of investigating; and if you ever in your Life knew what happiness was, wait until you come over here and We take an investigating trip.

Wait until you come into your Ascension! If you do not make It and you cast off that body, still We will have a good time because you will come into the Octave of Light where you belong.

Then We will still have a good time, because during that time you will go right on in this Training. When you come back again you will be Master of those physical forms from infancy – the most magnificent thing in the world.

I want you to realize that you have no one to thank for this particular Assistance so much as the Great Divine Director. That Blessed Being! Even yet, I stand in awe of Him! Sometimes I have seen Him begin to release the Power, until your Heart almost stands up.

Today in the requirement of the outer world, sometimes He releases His Power to go forth into the octave of Earth. It is so powerful and so intense that you just stand in awe of Him, who is doing so much.

You have not heard so very much about it, but I tell you tonight. Dear Ones, one day you shall know more about the Magnificent Work which He has done for the Students throughout America and the World in the past six months. It has been beyond words to describe!

If you precious ones right here knew just what has been going on in your feeling world, you would be the happiest children on the Earth.

You do not see yet so much of the outer manifestation, but tonight I see it from within; and I tell you, Dear Ones, you have every reason to be happy and rejoice. Surely and steadily will all problems of the outer world fail to appear, because they will cease to be.

Oh, never doubt it for a moment! Go on, and on, and on, in your mighty Application, your mighty Call to this “Presence”. Let Its Light flow in , through, and out into your world to dissolve all problems forever.

Then, your Call releases Its mighty Intelligence.”


David Lloyd

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