understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let us repeat this. When you call to your “Mighty I AM Presence” for your supply of money – this is just one illustration – the Love, Wisdom, and Power of your “Presence” goes into action, through the energy flowing out from your physical body.

Your Stream of Light and Energy goes out as radiation – harmonizing, governing, and bringing about conditions through the Wisdom of your “Presence”, to bring the physical supply of money into your hands.

Once you understand that, you can never be deprived again of the money supply you need for your happiness, comfort, and Service to the Light.

If your motive is wrong, your “Mighty I AM Presence” will not answer. Then the human begins to claw around in the outer world by frantic effort, through fear.

Therefore, when your Heart is right – I mean your feeling is right – you will never be deprived of a thing in the world. When your feeling is kept harmonious, you cannot lack.

What do I mean by that? The outpouring of love and kindness regardless of what happens! You will all come to a point where no matter what anyone says or does concerning you or your life, you will be able to say, “Well, God forgive them and bless them”, and go on about your business – because human, vicious gossip, human discord, human appearances have no power. Oh, if I could only have known that when I was a lad!

Precious Young People, if you would only understand and take hold of this Law! Your Life could be one of Beauty and Perfection. You would become invincible by applying this Law just three times a day, because Life has waited so long to receive your recognition.

Mankind has used Life’s energy so long, with not a single thought or consideration of gratitude and thanks for it.”


David Lloyd

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