understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“One of the most magnificent points which the Messengers have brought forth is in the great intensified feeling – more and more powerful – that when you call your “Presence” into action, what is it you call forth?



All the Power of your “Presence” is contained within that Power of Light.


Therefore, the first fundamental you are calling forth from your “Presence” is Light, and It knows no opposition!

Will you think of that, Beloved Ones, in every Call and All Application you make?

Remember! This Help I am calling forth from My “Presence” is Light! It knows no opposition! Therefore, It proceeds to the objective for which I call It forth.

The Victory is accomplished because there is not one thing in all human creation which tries to battle the Light.

Precious Ones, understand this one single point! Try to grasp it! I am endeavoring to give you the full, powerful feeling of it sustained.


Try to feel that you cannot make Application of any kind from the smallest to the greatest Call, that your answer does not come forth through this Power of Light.

Knowing this Light is All-powerful, for It knows no opposite, then how could It fail to accomplish the thing whereunto It is sent?

You are the director because you have the authority. So far as your understanding permits out here, you know the things which need to be corrected and adjusted.

Suppose, as an illustration, you need a greater supply of money than you have today. Previously you thought you had to perform certain mechanical action or certain intellectual service, a certain collective service in order to have the use of that, did you not?

All the time your “Presence”, the Treasure-house of the Universe, was holding the Limitless Supply for you which you required.”


David Lloyd

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