understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, your old sympathy, Beloved Ones, is a bygone thing when we come into this Understanding.

Oh, once I had it too; and as I am compelled to look into the Life and heart of this Blessed One, there too was limitless sympathy one day; but it is no more.

It has now risen into Divine Compassion which gives help to his worst enemy, so-called, if that may be; but at the same time he is surrounded by and wields a positive force which will repel and destroy any destructive force sent against him. That is what every one of you precious ones must be able to do.

You are doing no wrong; you are only protecting yourselves.

You, who are sincere to the Light, should you be swept under and out of your body because you would not straighten your spines, stand up, and send it back?

Remember, there is no viciousness, there is no wrong in that; for you must protect yourself.

The cunning claws of the sinister force try to bring discredit on this Work, which is the most magnificent that ever came forth on Earth to mankind or ever will; and I know what I am talking about!

When I had the Assistance from this Blessed Being to lift Me to My Eternal Freedom, and I stand here a living witness before the World of its truth, let no puny intellect in the outer world say that did not occur – when I am the person who accomplished It!

Is that not insane, silly nonsense for any human being in the World to say my Ascension did not occur, when I am the Being here who received the Blessing?

Possibly you do not see Me, but I am here just as tangible as you are; make no mistake about it!

Therefore, I want you blessed ones to be so firm and so prompted, so alert in your feeling, that never again will one solitary disturbance touch your world.

Stand in the Power and Light of your “Presence”! Let It pour forth and dissolve everything that tries to touch It.”


David Lloyd

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