understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You have believed that your supply was out here, because it seemed to come through a physical source. I tell you to reverse the situation! and I will show you why, definitely.

In the first place, everything that is in physical form today came through that Stream of Light and Energy into outer manifestation – first as an idea. If it was building, first a blueprint; then a building came into being.

Your bodies, how about that? You have them; how did they get here? That is the point. I wondered about that many times Myself. Because there is a blueprint inside of everyone’s body which is its Light Pattern. That is how this structure got here.

If it had not been for the Points of Light in every cell of your body, which are your Light Pattern of your human form, there would be no human form here – not one! Therefore, you see where we get more and more practical.

Now, as to the building: this building, for instance, came out of an idea and into a blueprint. Then the substance in the outer world was brought together, and here it is.

Now your bodies:  first, there came a little Point of Light in your Heart. That was the first point where the substance began to gather. Then, your Heart came into the fullness of Its shape and a physical being came into existence.

That Point of Light within your Heart was where the “Presence” anchored Its tiny Unfed Flame to build and draw together this substance.

With your building, the substance was out here in form already; but yours was not.


Now notice!

The substance of your body was what you sometimes call the Universal Substance which is in the atmosphere about you, as well as in the mother, and in the charge that the Angel – which is usually present – releases.

Therefore, around your Heart, around that Point of Light – first in the Heart – was gathered the substance which made the heart become the fullness of Its action in complete form.

Then, the Light through the Heart begins to gather more substance and the body of the infant comes into being.

It is the most practical thing in the world, but mankind have not understood this Law of Light.”


David Lloyd

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