understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Today Our Gratitude is very great to every earnest, sincere Student in America and the World who is calling forth so earnestly, giving Us the opportunity to release these great Cosmic Powers.

Oh, I know you are not quite fully conscious yet of what the past week means to you and America! Just try to feel the full importance of these Great Beings, who came in person and gave these Dictations.

Through the attention of the Students – and of the people who might come in contact with those Dictations – being drawn to these Great Cosmic Beings, it makes it possible for Them to also render a Service for America which They would so like to give.

Without your attention, these Great Ones are unable to render the Service which is required. Without your Call They could not do it, and would not – because you are the cause of your limitations.

All mankind is the cause of the limitations which beset the Earth, even to blight upon the Earth.

Dear Ones, see how the discordant, destructive qualities sent forth by mankind charge the very Earth and its atmosphere. There is no other destructive force in the Universe but that which is created by mankind.

Then such rejoicing as has never been known in the history of the World should be within the Heart of every “I AM” Student who has come to know this, and who is willing to give the needed obedience to set himself Free.”


Goddess of Liberty

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