understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved People, We in the Cosmic Service of the Light wish to set America Free and keep Her Free, because America is the Heart of Light for the World.

***If the Heart ceases to beat, then the Light goes out.***

The Light has almost gone out in certain parts of the Earth, although It is expanding with great speed and power here.

I say this to you tonight:  If it had not been for the Statue of Liberty in your harbor, New York would not be in existence today!

That is the Power within the Symbol of Light.

If it had not been for the Christ in the Andes, South America would have been in the condition of Spain today. The South American people held steadfast to the Christ and could not be shaken loose -hence their protection;

***for when the Christ vanishes from a country, their people perish.***

***The greatest tragedy on the face of the Earth today is human beings who try to take from others their faith in God.***

***It is only by individuals’ faith in God that the people have not perished from the Earth already!***

You, today, who have been so fortunate as to come to the real Understanding of what the Presence of God is and means to individuals, as well as the World, will never know until your Ascension how fortunate you are.”


Goddess of Liberty

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