understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, observe the chart please and see the Great Presence of Life!

saint germain God presence chart

Think how absurd it is for any human being to actually feel weak, exhausted, or feel inability for any accomplishment. Think of it!

Then how does the form feel those limitations?

Because it has accepted limitations of the appearance world so long. Mankind has charged the World with the acceptance of limitations of every conceivable kind.

But with your attention held to the “Mighty I AM Presence”, and understanding that your attention upon an objective in your accomplishment is the imperative need, then you reverse all conditions of the accumulation of the past.

You hold them in obedience, if they have not been consumed, and let the Energy flow forth to do its work.

***I am explaining this to you tonight, so you might not feel that just because you may have human accumulation or that you might see limitations, you still cannot acquire this Perfection and Freedom.***

***It is absolutely within your reach!***

Therefore, Beloved Ones, tonight in My earnest, sincere Effort to assist you, will you be kind enough to accept My Assistance?

Let this mighty Power of Energy operate within your world of action, to produce the results which your Hearts crave and which We wish to help you attain.”


Goddess of Light

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