understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Therefore, in the Glory of your Great Presence of all Life, I say to you tonight:  stand glorified in the Mighty Activity of your own “Mighty I AM Presence”, and accept first your “Presence”; then, all the Ascended Masters and Great Beings of Light wish to give you – and you cannot imagine what They will do if you are earnest and sincere.

Accept the fullness of the Power of your “Presence” and the Assistance of the Great Ones!

Go forth feeling the full Victory of the Light acting within you and your world, and you will find that you can lay your hand upon a discordant spot in your body; the pain will cease at once; and the conditions will dissolve and disappear.

The Current which flows through your hand will produce Perfection for you. It is Light, which dissolves everything unlike Itself.

If mankind but understood that, every human being would become a mighty Power and Focus of Healing wherever he went; and even the Radiance poured forth from him would heal where it passed.

Such is the Joy and the Perfection which is before you.

In the fullness of the Light which I represent, I call Its full Power into action to clothe you forever in Its Transcendent Activity, and hold you forever Victorious in Its Light – unto your Ascension and Eternal Freedom.

I thank you.”


Goddess of Light

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