understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, you do not but in a fragmentary manner yet comprehend the Power which is in the attention of every human being. It is limitless!

When your attention is fixed upon an objective, the full Power of the Energy from your “Presence” is flowing forth to your objective; and nothing in the world can stop its accomplishment but yourself.

When you take your attention off, the Energy stops.

Let Me assure you of this point. When you are acting in a constructive manner and you call forth the Energy to go forth to a certain objective, your attention is demanded out here in your activity of the world.

Then charge your Higher Mental Body to keep that Energy pouring until it is accomplished.

Each time you have a few moments, turn your attention back to your objective and let the Energy from your”Presence” flow into it.

There is not one thing on the face of this Earth which you could not achieve quickly.
There is not one of you in the room who could not do it.”


Goddess of Light

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