understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Life is Beauty! It is Perfection! It holds no imperfection in itself.

It is only as mankind clothes Life’s Energy with discordant feeling, that It finds expression in imperfect forms or forms that are less than beautiful.

Life in its natural activity produces Happiness, Beauty, and Perfection in whatever form it is manifesting, if it be allowed to do so and have its own Perfect Way.

That comes when mankind stops reclothing Life’s Energy with discord and the limitations of the human world through its feeling.

You must realize that one must be strong and firm at first, in this Understanding, to keep shutting out of his world the discordant things which still keep registering limitation within him.

***All must stand firm – and do not allow themselves to have an opinion concerning any person, place, condition, or thing; but just keep focusing their attention upon the “Presence” and keep saying, “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, there is nothing with which I am concerned except the perfecting of my world.”***

Then as your Radiance goes forth, all that touches your world will want to be like it; will want to have the Radiance which they feel, which is beautiful and delightful.

***This is why, Beloved Ones, your responsibility to each other in your association is very great! Do you not see that? It is very great;***

***for to the degree that you clothe this mighty Energy flowing forth from your “Presence” with discord, are you responsible for its effect upon another.***

Every precious “I AM” Student should remember only one thing:
***”I am about my Father’s Business – about the Business of my ‘Mighty I AM Presence'”.***

As they keep giving attention to It, they will forget that others are disturbing to them.” 


Mary (Mother Of Jesus)

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