understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“It was far worse in some ways in the time of Our Victory than it is with you today. You have the right, the freedom, and the privilege to think and worship as you please!

You have the privilege of knowing your “Presence”; knowing that there is no power in the Universe which can stand against your “Presence” when It is called into action.

The Messengers are the Eternal Proof, to any honest person of the Truth of that Statement.

They do not recognize or accept any opposing forces! There is not such a thing in the world to anyone who does not accept it.

So it is with your individual world.

You feel sometimes as if there were persons, places, or conditions which oppose you. Well, really there are not!

***There is no opposition to the expansion of your Light or your own progress except yourself.***

What many people feel as opposition is really the pull between the intellect and the feeling!

The intellect wants to argue. The feeling knows through the Heart; but the intellect says, “Now, I think you are mistaken”, and an argument ensues.

But soon you will come to know that the Heart is always right!”


Mary (Mother Of Jesus)

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