“The Secret Doctrine teaches us that the arts, sciences, theology, and especially the philosophy of every nation which preceded the last universally known, but not universal Deluge, had been recorded ideographically from the primitive oral records of the Fourth Race, and that these were the inheritance of the latter from the early Third Root-Race before the allegorical Fall.

Hence, also, the Egyptian pillars, the tablets, and even the “white Oriental porphyry stone” of the Masonic legend – which Enoch, fearing that the real and precious secrets would be lost, concealed before the Deluge in the bowels of the Earth – were simply the more or less symbolical and allegorical copies from the primitive Records.

The Book of Enoch is one of such copies and is a Chaldean, now very incomplete, compendium.

As already said, Enoichion means in Greek the “inner eye”, or the Seer; in Hebrew, and with the help of Masoretic points it means the initiator and instructor.

It is a generic title; besides which his legend is that of several other prophets, Jewish and heathen, with changes of made-up details, the root-form being the same.

Elijah is also taken up into Heaven alive; and the astrologer, at the court of Izdubar, the Chaldean Hea-bani, is likewise raised to heaven by the god Hea, who was his patron, as Jehovah was of Elijah.

This kind of easy death, or euthanasia, has an esoteric meaning.

It symbolizes the death of any adept who has reached the power and degree, as also the purification, which enable him to die only in the physical body and still live and lead a conscious life in his astral body.

The variations on this theme are endless, but the secret meaning is ever the same.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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