“The story about Enoch, told by Josephus, namely, that he had concealed under the pillars of Mercury or Seth his precious rolls or books, is the same as that told of Hermes, “the father of Wisdom”, who concealed his books of Wisdom under a pillar, and then, finding the two pillars of stone, found the science written thereon.

Yet Josephus, notwithstanding his constant efforts in the direction of Israel’s unmerited glorification, and though he does attribute that science (of Wisdom) to the Jewish Enoch – writes history.

He shows those pillars as still existing during his own time.

He tells us that they were built by Seth; and so they may have been, only neither by the Patriarch of that name, the fabled son of Adam, nor by the Egyptian god of Wisdom – Teth, Set, Thoth, Tat, Sat (the latter Sat-an), or Hermes, who are all one – but by the “Sons of the Serpent-god”, or “Sons of the Dragon”, the name under which the Hierophants of Egypt and Babylon were known before the Deluge, as were there forefathers, the Atlanteans.

What Josephus tells us, therefore, must be allegorically true, with the exception of the application made of it.

According to his version the two famous pillars were entirely covered with hieroglyphics, which, after the discovery, were copied and reproduced in the most secret corners of the inner temples of Egypt, and have thus become the source of its Wisdom and exceptional learning.

These two “pillars”, however, are the prototypes of the two “tables of stones” hewn by Moses at the command of the “Lord”.

Hence, in saying that all the great adepts and mystics of antiquity – like Orpheus, Hesiod, Pythagoras and Plato – got the elements of their theology from those hieroglyphics, he is right in one sense, and wrong in another; for he errs in accuracy.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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