understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That is the greatest joy, oh, Beloved Ones! Our Hearts entwine with yours! We long, oh, so intensely, to see you Free!

We rejoice so – shall I use the word “extremely” – when We see you gaining the Victory! You are winning It! Do not waver! Do not waver, Blessed Ones!

Keep your feelings harmonious no matter what the appearance is; and go on and on, in your earnest, determined Call to the “Presence”.

It is the Law of Life! It cannot fail you! It cannot fail to answer!

But if you keep asserting:  “I wonder if I have the ability? I wonder if this is going to be accomplished, or that is going to be accomplished?” you are dividing your power, and you will only have partial results.

Do stand so firm when you have started out for a given purpose.

Be sure that it is wholly constructive, then stand firmly by it! Keep calling the “Presence” into action until it is achieved. It cannot fail.

We must necessarily see the great distress of mankind from their seeming inability to release the financial supply which they require under the present conditions.

With those individuals who have trouble or are struggling that way, it is because unknowingly they have accepted into their feeling world this mass pressure of limitation and distress.

I tell you, Dear Ones, as Others have told you, that each one in the Understanding of his “Mighty I AM Presence” knows he cannot fail, no matter what the condition in the outer world is today.

It has absolutely no power to interfere with what the “Presence” will do for each one.

Do you think that sounds strange, coming from Me? Not at all. These are the Laws of Life!”


Mary (Mother Of Jesus)

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