“Those who in the Koran (see Surah 19) are generically termed the Edris, or the “Learned” (the initiated), bore in Egypt the name of Thoth, the inventor of arts, sciences, writing or letters, of music and astronomy.

Among the Jews the Edris became “Enoch”, who, according to Bar-Hebraeus, “was the first inventor of writing”, books, arts, and sciences, the first who reduced to a system the progress of the planets.

In Greece he was called Orpheus, and thus changed his name with every nation.”

“The number Seven being attached to, and connected with, each of those primitive Initiators, as well as the number 365, of the days in the year, astronomically, it identifies the mission, character, and the sacred office of all those men, but certainly not their personalities.

Enoch is the seventh Patriarch; Orpheus is the possessor of the phorminx, the seven-stringed lyre, which is the seven-fold mystery of initiation.

Thoth, with the seven-rayed Solar Discus on his head, travels in the Solar boat, the 365 degrees, jumping out of every fourth (leap) year for one day.

Finally, Thoth-Lunus is the septenary god of the seven days, or the week.

Esoterically and spiritually, Enoichion means the “Seer of the Open Eye.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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