“The history of the evolution of the Satanic myth would not be complete if we omitted to notice the character of the mysterious and cosmopolitan Enoch, variously called Enos, Hanoch, and finally Enoichion by the Greeks.

(Enoch was the father of Methuselah and the great-grandfather of Noah. He lived 365 years and, according to Genesis 5:24, was eventually taken by God.)

It is from his Book that the first notions of the Fallen Angels were taken by the early Christian writers.

The Book of Enoch is declared apocryphal. But what is an Apocrypha?

The very etymology of the term shows that it is simply a secret book, i.e., one that belonged to the catalogue of temple libraries under the guardianship of the hierophants and initiated priests, and was never meant for the profane.

Apocrypha comes from the verb crypto, “to hide”.

For ages the Enoichion (the Book of SEER) was preserved in the “city of letters” and secret works – the ancient Kiryath-Sepher, later on, Debir (see Joshua 15:15).

Some of the writers interested in the subject – especially Masons – have tried to identify Enoch with Thoth of Memphis, the Greek Hermes, and even with the Latin Mercury.

As individuals, all these are distinct one from the other; professionally – if one may use this word, now so limited in its sense – they belong one and all to the same category of sacred writers, of Initiators and Recorders of Occult and ancient Wisdom.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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