understanding the “i am”…that is you…

***”There is no selfishness in mankind, in individuals wanting to perfect themselves and their worlds.***

The great trouble with humanity up to the present time, or until Saint Germain brought this forth, has been the feeling that they had to sacrifice everything.

In doing that they but make themselves helpless to go any further.

***Only as you perfect yourself in your world, can you be of greater and greater blessing and assistance to others.***

It does not mean that you must become an Ascended Being before you can render a beautiful service – not at all.

In your Stream of Life as you go on and on to your Perfection, in calling the “Presence” of other individuals into action to produce that Perfection for them, you are rendering, I assure you, the greatest possible service you can render to your fellowman.

***Under the Law of Life, everyone must stand within his “Presence” and one day draw Its full Perfection forth into outer manifestation.***

***This is the Perfection of the form and the Ascension!***

Can it be possible that individuals among mankind think that the desire for Perfection of the body, which means Beauty, can be wrong?

It would be a mistake if it were just to gratify vanity.

The true Understanding of Life is that in the fullness of its Expression, everything is Beauty and Perfection of form – of all form which is manifested, whether it be in your physical world or whether it be in the Higher Octaves.”


Mary (Mother Of Jesus)

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