on the myth of the “fallen angel”

“The Hebrew Elohim, called in the translations “God”, and who create “light”, are identical with the Aryan Asuras. They are also referred to as the “Sons of Darkness” as a philosophical and logical contrast to light immutable and eternal.

The earliest Zoroastrians did not believe in Evil or Darkness being co-eternal with Good or Light, and they give the same interpretation.

Ahriman is the manifested shadow of AHURA-MAZDA (Asura-mazda), himself issued from Zervan Akarana “boundless (circle of) Time” or the Unknown Cause.

“Its glory”, they say of the latter, is too exalted, its light too resplendent for either human intellect or mortal eye to grasp and see.”

Its primal emanation is eternal light, which, from having been previously concealed in DARKNESS was called to manifest itself and thus was formed Ormazd, the “King of Life”.

He is the “first-born” in BOUNDLESS TIME, but, like his own antitype (pre-existing Spiritual idea), has lived within darkness from all eternity.

The six Amshaspends (seven with himself, chief of all), the primitive Spiritual Angels and Men are collectively his Logos.

The Zoroastrian Amshaspends create the world in six days or periods also, and rest on the seventh; whereas that seventh is the first period or “day”, in esoteric philosophy (Primary creation in the Aryan cosmogony).

It is that intermediate Aeon which is the Prologue to creation, and which stands on the borderland between the uncreated eternal Causation and the produced finite effects;

a state of nascent activity and energy as the first aspect of the eternal immutable Quiescence.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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