on the myth of the “fallen angel”

“The first lesson taught in Esoteric philosophy is, that the incognizable Cause does not put forth evolution, whether consciously or unconsciously, but only exhibits periodically different aspects of itself to the perception of finite Minds.

Now the collective Mind – the Universal – composed of various and numberless Hosts of Creative Powers, however infinite in manifested Time, is still finite when contrasted with the unborn and undecaying Space in its supreme essential aspect.

That which is finite cannot be perfect. Therefore there are inferior Beings among those Hosts, but there never were any devils or “disobedient Angels”, for the simple reason that they are all governed by Law.

The Asuras who incarnated (call them by any other name) followed in this a law as implacable as any other.

They had manifested prior to the Pitris, and as time (in Space) proceeds in Cycles, their turn had come – hence the numerous allegories.

The name of Asura was first given by the Brahmins indiscriminately to those who opposed their mummeries and sacrifices.

It is to those ages, probably, that the origin of the idea of the demon, as opposer and adversary, has to be traced.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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