understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, remember the privilege it is to use the Chart, as you have it before you; to use the Violet Consuming Flame and the Tube of Light, which can be made an Invincible Protection about you – and let Me say, the Protection you need is not so much from disaster as from human suggestions.

If you will call the “Presence” to hold about you Its Invincible Tube of Light, you will not accept into your feeling world suggestions of others, even though they may be consciously projected to you; and that is so very important.

saint germain God presence chart
We see how blessed mankind are acting out the impulses of others so much more than they are their own.

They do not act out the impulses from their own “Mighty I AM Presence”, because of the old momentum and habits which they have accumulated through depending upon outer things – through many centuries.

This is why, Beloved Ones, you are in the position to set yourselves free through this Understanding of your “Presence”.

The use of these activities is so simple, yet they are majestic and powerful. You are able to set yourselves free!

There are thousands of the blessed ones who are actually doing it!

This is the beauty of this Understanding – and can you imagine Our Rejoicing?”


Mary (Mother Of Jesus)

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