understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Children of the Light and of America, why should I not speak to you? Have you placed Me so far away that I cannot tell of My Love for you? I am sure you have not.

I take advantage of this opportunity as We are all drawing so much closer into the world of human activity, because of the great need today.

The need is very great, as it was in the time of Our Ministry so long ago – I should hardly say with My Beloved Son. Yet, I still do think of Him as that.

You know, We mothers are curious beings; are We not? We seem never to forget Our wondrous Motherhood. It is quite marvelous.

Yet so very much more marvelous is that day in the future when there will come again the True Motherhood and Fatherhood of form, by the projection of the Light Rays to produce those forms.

Beloved Ones, My Friends of long ago, we are entering into the Eternal Perfection which all have worked for so earnestly throughout the centuries.

Many times, from the dimness of the Light within humanity, it did look uncertain. There is no doubt about that.

Even We from the Ascended State, at times – because of the condition of the Light within mankind – thought and discussed how long it would take the beloved people to awaken sufficiently for the Assistance to be given which is being poured out today.”


Mary (The Mother of Jesus)

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