the four elements

“No one will deny that the human being is possessed of various forces; magnetic, sympathetic, antipathetic, nervous, dynamical, occult, mechanical, mental, – every kind of force; and that the physical forces are all biological in their essence, seeing that they intermingle with, and often merge into, those forces that we have named intellectual and moral – the first being the vehicles, so to say, the upadhi, of the second.

No one, who does not deny soul in man, would hesitate in saying that their presence and commingling are the very essence of our being; that they constitute the Ego in man, in fact.

These potencies have their physiological, physical, mechanical, as well as their nervous, ecstatic, clairaudient, and clairvoyant phenomena, which are now regarded and recognized as perfectly natural, even by science.

Why should man be the only exception in nature, and why cannot even the ELEMENTS have their vehicles, their “Vahans” in what we call the PHYSICAL FORCES?

And why, above all, should such beliefs be called “superstition” along with the religions of old?”


H. P. Blavatsky

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