the four elements

“Let us close by reminding the reader that, without the smallest shadow of superstition, one may believe in the dual nature of every object on Earth – in the spiritual and the material, the visible and the invisible nature, and that science virtually proves this, while denying its own demonstration.

For if, Sir William Grove has it, the electricity we handle is but the result of ordinary matter affected by something invisible, the “ultimate generating power” of every Force, the “one omnipresent influence”, then it only becomes natural that one should believe as the ancients did;

namely that every Element is dual in its nature.

“ETHEREAL fire is the emanation of the KABIR proper; the aerial is but the union (correlation) of the former with terrestrial fire, and its guidance and application on our earthly plane belongs to a Kabir of a lesser dignity” – and Elemental, perhaps, as an Occultist would call it; and the same may be said of every Cosmic Element.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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