the four elements

“The ancients knew these powers so well, that, while concealing their true nature under various allegories, for the benefit (or the detriment) of the uneducated rabble, they never departed from the multiple objects in view, while inverting them.

They contrived to throw a thick veil over the nucleus of truth concealed by the symbol, but they ever tried to preserve the latter as a record for future generations, sufficiently transparent to allow their wise men to discern that truth behind the fabulous form of the glyph or allegory.

They are accused of superstition and credulity, those ancient sages; and this by those very nations, which, learned in all the modern arts and sciences, cultured and wise in their generation, accept to this day as their one living and infinite God, the anthropomorphic “Jehovah”.

The above is not a defense of Pagan gods, nor is it an attack on the Christian deity, nor does it mean belief in either.

The writer is quite impartial, and rejects the testimony in favor of either, neither praying to, believing in, nor dreading any such “personal” and anthropomorphic God.

The parallels are brought forward simply as one more curious exhibition of the illogical and blind fanaticism of the civilized theologian.

For, so far, there is not a very great difference between the two beliefs, and there is none in their respective effects upon morality, or spiritual nature.

The “light of Christ” shines upon as hideous features of the animal-man now, as the “light of Lucifer” did in days of old.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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