the four elements

“Tradition points to a grotto, a vast cave in the deserts of Central Asia, whereinto light pours through its four seemingly natural apertures or clefts placed crossways at the four cardinal points of the place.

From noon till an hour before sunset that light streams in, of four different colors, as averred – red, blue, orange-gold, and white – owing to some either natural or artificially prepared conditions of vegetation and soil.

The light converges in the center around a pillar of white marble with a globe upon it, which represents our earth. It is named the “grotto of Zaratushtra”.

When included under the arts and sciences of the Fourth Race, the Atlanteans, the phenomenal manifestation of the four elements, justly attributed by the believers in Cosmic gods to the intelligent interference of the latter, assumed a scientific character.

The magic of the ancient priests consisted, in those days, in addressing their gods in their own language.

“The speech of the men of the earth cannot reach the Lords. Each must be addressed in the language of his respective element” – is a sentence which will be shown pregnant with meaning.

“The Book of Rules” cited adds as an explanation of the nature of that Element-language:
“It is composed of sounds, not words; of sounds, numbers and figures. He who knows how to blend the three, will call forth the response of the superintending Power” (the regent-god of the specific element needed).

Thus this “language” is that of incantations or of MANTRAS, as they are called in India, sound being the most potent and effectual magic agent, and the first of the keys which opens the door of communication between Mortals and the Immortals.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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