understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“May I say a Word to you tonight about that which fills My Heart to overflowing? It is about your beloved Saint Germain.

What would you and all have done without His Courage and Determination to try this out, and make the effort to bring this Understanding once again to mankind?

I tell you, Precious Ones, humanity never in the world could give praise enough to Him.

Shall I tell you what I do in Our Ascended State? If it sounds strange to you, please do not feel it so.

I make the Call to the Infinite Source of Light once every twenty-four hours, according to your time, in Praise, Thanks, and Blessing to Saint Germain for this Work which He has given to humanity.

One day you will come to know how wonderfully true It all is. Oh, what a great Blessing It is in the hands of mankind.

You have a scepter of Power in the Understanding of the “Presence”, which everyone can wield to bring Freedom from limitation, and the Ascension.”


Mary (The Mother of Jesus)

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