the four elements

“Whence came the four elements? Their origin is identical with that of the Cosmic gods of all other nations.

Their symbols, whether born on the shores of the Oxus, on the burning sands of Upper Egypt, or in the wild forests, weird and glacial, which cover the slopes and peaks of the sacred snowy mountains of “Thessaly”, or again, in the pampas of America, their symbols, we repeat, when traced to their source, are ever one and the same.

Whether Egyptian or Pelasgian, Aryan or Semitic, the genius loci, the local god, embraced in its unity all nature; but not especially the four elements any more than one of their creations, such as trees, rivers, mounts or stars.

As gods of Fire, Air, Water, they were celestial gods; as gods of the lower region, they were infernal deities: the latter adjective applying simply to the Earth.

They were “Spirits of the Earth” under their respective names of Yama, Pluto, Osiris, the “Lord of the lower kingdom”, etc., etc., and their tellurial character proves it sufficiently.

The ancients knew of no worse abode after death than the Kama-loka, the limbus on this Earth.

It is that one cosmic nature and power which creates the specific terrestrial symbol, and the physical and material fabric of the latter, which proves the Energy manifesting through it as extrinsic.

For primitive religion was something better than simple pre-occupation about physical phenomena; and principles, more elevated than we modern Sadducees know of, “were hidden under the transparent veil of such merely natural divinities as thunder, the winds, and rain.”

The ancients knew and could distinguish the corporeal from the spiritual elements, in the forces of nature.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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