understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Shall I say something which will make you very happy?

You were told that forty-seven percent of the energy needed to enable the constructive forces to hold Dominion had been gained. It takes fifty-three percent to hold the balance for Victory.

Tonight America has fifty percent. Will you rejoice, Dear Ones!

Will you please rejoice with all your Hearts, and go on with redoubled effort with your Decrees and your Application?

Saint Germain thinks I should tell you more of what was mentioned this afternoon.

There have been a few feminine black magicians, but there was one who was so cunning that she avoided the Ascended Masters everywhere.

You wonder how that can be done. Not when you understand the manipulation of substance! Not when you know what great wisdom can do!

Yesterday, she was seized and bound and will disturb the Earth no more. She was responsible for the terrible dope condition existing in America today, and also for many other conditions.

She has been responsible for a lot of inharmony in the mass of individuals who wanted this Light.

So, rejoice that another destructive, vicious condition has been removed from America.

Do not let your mind dwell upon these things after they are accomplished. It is imperative for you to know in your feeling world that these things have been done.

Remember, the Light moves into action; and all unlike It dissolves before It!

Will you always remember this in every condition which confronts you? Then it will keep you from anxiety or distress.”


The Great Tenor

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